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Cogs Set to Return

Sounds like Incognito is going to play this week and the line will make the shift to accommodate that. You gotta take your silver linings where you can get them, huh?


The Cowboys are still without CB Terrence Newman, and they've allowed an average of 250 YPG through the air. This includes a 400 yard, 4 TD day from Eli Manning and the Giants, as well as 287 yard, 2 TD (4 INT) for Trent Green's winless Dolphins. So the Rams can score (can they?) against Dallas if they bring out the passing game.

If, if, if...

Update [2007-9-26 20:5:59 by VanRam]: Newman played last week. I misread the report, but I first read it in Dr. Z's rankings at SI that were updated today. See the comments below.