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Guessing Games

On Fox Sports today Alex Marvez breaks down the Rams' loss. There's not really anything new it.

We know the score, we know we're 0-3 and for the most part we know why. One thing Marvez does point out, in addition to the lousy play calling and lousy special teams performance, is the glaring number of "botched routes" the receivers have been running.

Bulger's end zone interception happened when Bennett ran the wrong route. On the season, Bennett's been targeted 12 times and has just 4 receptions for a total of 42 yards. McMichael, this week's sideline ranter, has been targeted 12 times and has 6 receptions for 77 yards.

McMichael's rant came after the ill-fated Bennett play mentioned above when he pointed out, rather passionately you might say, that he was indeed open on the play. He had a point. Good QBs often find a way to get the ball to someone when their assigned receiver isn't in place, especially on short passing plays on crucial third downs. What happened to Bulger on that play? Obviously, he's pressing his game a bit behind a makeshift line and being sacked again and again in the previous two games. Is the communication so bad that he doesn't have an idea about where the other receivers should be on the field?

There's something else worth pointing out here. Two of Bulger's three INTs came on throws intended for McMichael and Bennett, both new additions. Here we are in week three and again we see evidence of a hand cuffed preseason. Still, they've had two full games to play together since the preseason ended and hours of practice in between.

At least we're not the only ones still trying to figure out this offense.