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Goldberg in at RT

I'm cooking up something special for the afternoon, but it's one of those tedious deals where you've got to pour over the stats for a bit. In the meantime, here's some mid-morning reading to stave off the workday doldrums.

Is Adam Goldberg a better solution at right tackle than Milford Brown? Maybe, and at this point, the Rams need to get a look at all of their options. He took a beating for his play in place of an injured Orlando Pace last year, on the field and in conversations. If Linehan is really intent to get the stalled running game going, Goldberg might be a decent option at RT, where he doesn't have to face teams' top DEs and can pair with a TE to open some holes for Steven Jackson.

The Rams actually moved up in the Dr. Z's power rankings at, from 23 to 20. He points to Bulger's resiliency in taking a beating and still managing to have a decent game in spite of everything. What, no love for the defense?

Looks like Steven Jackson isn't the only offensive weapon in the NFC West disgruntled about his coach's play calling. San Francisco TE Vernon Davis, affectionately called "VD" among fans, suggested to the media that maybe his team should think about throwing the ball his way a little more often.