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It's the reason for the preseason

This isn't the first time that the Rams' offense came out of the gate sputtering. Recall that last year Bulger and Co failed to do much of anything inside the red zone in the first three weeks, and, as PD beat writer Jim Thomas pointed out in his chat yesterday, they scored fewer than 18 points in their first three games last season.

Bulger and some of the starting WRs did play some in the preseason but not much, and you'll recall that the playbook was never really opened beyond a few basic passes and handoffs. Conspicuously absent through the preseason was Steven Jackson, who has two fumbles and less than 200 total yards on the season.

The Rams played the 49ers in week two last season, and like this season proved to be just as ineffective on offense. In last year's game the Rams were 1 for 2 in the red zone versus 1 for 3 this season. Recall the ongoing discussion through the early part of last season that the Rams were ineffective in the red zone. The Rams didn't find their offensive mojo until week four against the Lions, when they scored 41 points and were 4 for 5 in the red zone.

Fan criticism of Linehan abounds. I'm waiting a little longer to get my pitchfork and torch ready. History tells us that this offense will improve their play, even if it may have already cost them dearly. Besides increasing his willingness to try and make plays on fourth down and short yardage situations, Linehan's going to have to rethink his preseason game plan. Had the offense had more time to gel we might easily be 2-0 right now.