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Carriker to Play Whole First Half on Friday

I guess no one can say the city of St. Louis doesn't value the young people...well, the city's sports teams at any rate.

In the midst of the run of the mill puff pieces on the PD's web site today, one little tidbit sticks out. Carriker, the great hope of the d-line, will play most of the first half tomorrow night against the Vikings in the preseason opener. This is great news for fans, since I would expect we'll only see the marquee offensive guys like Jackson and Bulger for a no more than a few plays.

You don't want to oversell it since it's a preseason game, but fans (and coaches for that matter) should be pretty pumped to get a good long look at the first round draft pick that was recently described as "a beast" by at least one seasoned NFL watcher.

Ok, I liked the guy and it was a great story, but do we really need Kurt Warner anecdotes popping up in the local media still?

Much more on the game tomorrow and some insight from the Vikings side of the ball. Right now, I've got to get on the horn with MediaCom cable and find out why in the heck the digital cable box isn't giving me a picture. It's too important of a week for sports to have to deal with issues like this.