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You certainly can't fault the Rams for moving practice indoors. I don't know how many TST members live in the Midwest, but it's really, really miserable outside right now and will be for the foreseeable future. Losing a player to heat stroke is about the last thing we need as the Rams are signs are starting to point to a team that's really putting it together.

I can't recall the last time I was this excited about watching a preseason game.

Jonathan Wade is one of many players we'll want to keep an eye on in the game. Linehan sings his praises in the PD today, being impressed with his physical style of play and his tackling ability. For a rookie, and one who didn't play as a D-back until later in his college career, it's reassuring to hear that he's a good tackler. You see some really awful tackling in the league anymore, and it's usually the teams with the worst defenses where you see it too.

Sounds like rookie Clifton Ryan may be a useful addition to the run defense as well. Says Linehan:

"Clifton is a true nose tackle, which since I have been here we haven't had. When people try to run the ball at us, he's a guy that we would be able to insert in the game and really hold up.

Obviously, Linehan's not going to go public with criticism of the newest additions to the team, so you can weigh these comments with a degree of company line skepticism. It's also just intrasquad practice. However, at this point in the season, knowing what we know, there's enough to be pleased with in terms of the progress of key team additions. Go ahead, have higher expectations; it's warranted.

With this solid play from Wade and Bartell, could Brown be out of a starting job when he returns from suspension? At least one Rams watcher thinks so.

Rams better than the Steelers this season? Easily. Here's a further exploration of the topic at Pittsburgh blog Mondesi's House.

Ever wanted to see how the other half lives...and by other half, I mean crazy offensive coordinators who would rather have 5 wide receivers than a solid running game? Well, here's a sneak peak at Mad Mike Martz' house. Who's house? Martz' house.