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Anthony Hargrove, not our problem anymore.

I don't think we can repeat enough how important it is for the Rams to be free from as many distractions like this as possible.

We'll settle for the onfield scuffles born out of the supreme focus and burning desire to succeed that we saw play out this weekend.

Save it for the game, gents, save it for the first game of the preseason that's now just a measly four days away!

Friday's game is set to be broadcast on Fox, which spares us the ripoff of having it available only to those with the NFL network on their tele. I think we're all looking forward to seeing the team play a "live" game. Of course, it will mostly be the second teamers and the guys out to prove themselves before the next rounds of cuts, but we should still see some action for Carriker and the other rookies. In fact, I suspect getting him in the game for a few reps is a pretty high priority.

Set your TiVo to stun! (whatever that means.)