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Hagans On

Oh yeah, drink from the Governor's Cup baby!

The Rams finish up the preseason dead even at 2-2 with a sleeper in St. Louis last night. The biggest thing I took away from that game: Hagans deserves a roster spot. With Hagans on the 53 man roster, the Rams will have one of the deepest groups of receivers in the NFL, and because of Holt's name on the marquee, nobody will even notice. That's fine too; although, I'd like to see Hagans get a few balls thrown his way this season based on how well he's played this summer.

The game essentially served as final tryouts for both teams, so I don't know how much to read into the special teams' performance. They did limit the Chiefs to just 54 yards on 3 kick returns, the best ST showing in four preseason games. However, what Chiefs were they limiting to 54 yards, certainly not the first teamers. I guess at this point, we oughta take what we can get and hope it's something to build on.

Simeon Rice is in town for a physical and the Rams are giving the 33-year-old vet some consideration. Granted his experience would be nice as well as some depth at DE, but I really wonder just how much value he really has left on the field? Personally, I think the Rams might have more value in keeping third year DE Eric Moore around for depth at the position. Admittedly I haven't seen him play much until last night, but he's got three sacks in two preseason games and five tackles, four of the solo variety. This will be his fourth season in the league, and it seems like he's really developed as a player. I'm not saying he's the second coming of Leonard Little or anything, but he may just be good enough to provide the kind of DE pass rushing depth the Rams need. Something to think about.