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Rumors and Cold Hard Truth

When they do come, cuts come fast and harsh. The latest round of roster trimmings was announced today.

Ken Shakleford, this year's 6th round pick, was on the list. Frankly, I'm not too surprised. The Rams are deep on the offensive line. I suspect this does, reading between the lines, mean that Dustin Fry will make the final cut and not be left open to other teams on the practice squad. He must not have had a very good camp - he only played in last night's game all preseason - since the Rams could be short for the season with Todd Steussie's broken foot.

John David Washington may have to use his connections to break into acting (Gridiron Gang 2?), getting cut today after spending last season on the practice squad. Washinton's only preseason action was last night, picking up 5 yards on 4 carries. This is an easy one too, the Rams have backs and returners aplenty now, and Washington is a little undersized for an NFL runner.

More exciting, we've got rumor news!!! (Thanks to 636thestruggle for point this out in the comments.)

Hadley on Sports is reporting that the Rams are finalizing deals with Simeon Rice and Ernie Conwell. The Rice signing I can understand, if he's healthy - which he must be if they're going to sign him - he could help out with the pass rush. I hope that it doesn't cost Adeyanju development, but it shouldn't. With Rice, Little, Hall and Adeyanju, the Rams have a solid top four at DE. Can Eric Moore still grab a 53 roster spot? Practice squad for sure.

I just don't understand the Conwell signing. We don't need a catching specialist at TE with McMichael on the roster, and we've invested pretty heavily in youth there with Klop and Byrd. Would the Rams really want to take up roster space with four tight ends (McMichael, Klop, Byrd and Conwell)? There is some speculation over at the PD online forum that he could be coming in as a TE coach with Judd Garrett dealing with the loss of his wife. I don't see the organization replacing a man grieving, unless there's been some kind of other agreement, such as a leave of absence. Whatever it is, this one just doesn't make much sense. Thoughts?