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Governor's Cup - Preseason Week 4 Open Thread

The only thing lamer than preseason football, is trying to attach meaning to it that just isn't there. For as much as I loathe interleague play in baseball, at least when the Cards and Royals play each other it's during the regular season where starters play and the games have some impact on the standings. This game is hardly a even a game as players on the bubble get their last tryout in a live practice against another team.

The Governor's Cup? I would propose maybe changing that to The Governor's Last Chance Audition Cup, but that might not be politically palpable to the politicians.

Our Chiefs friend from across the state at Arrowhead Pride was kind enough to give us the Chiefs' view of tonight's game along with some insight into the state of affairs of that organization. I will say this about this Rams, for all the consternation about our team, I'm glad to have the status of the players at key positions, i.e. quarterback, resolved heading into the season.

1. Go ahead and be honest, you're among friends, are the Chiefs in a rebuilding year?

The Chiefs aren't in a complete rebuilding year but that concept will surely come up over the next few years. We aren't starting youngsters simply for the sake of starting them but we do have some young guys that will be starters because of their talent. We're not scrapping the whole house but we are looking to get younger. We've had one of the oldest teams in football over the last few years and when long time veterans like Willie Roaf and Will Shields retire, its going to take a bit of trial and error to find solid acceptable replacements.

2. For the Rams, tonight's all about setting the final roster? With all due respect to the prestigious Governor's Cup, what's tonight about for KC?

The main thing the Chiefs will be looking at tonight is the play of QB Brodie Croyle. While Damon Huard has been given the starting job for the season, Croyle is still our QB of the future. Tonight's game will be another measuring stick for the young QB.

Also, I'm personally excited about seeing WR Bobby Sippio play, who hasn't seen any time this preseason. Sippio was signed just a few weeks ago out of the Arena League where he put up 53 touchdowns last year. With a rather meager receiving corps, Sippio is generating excitement among Chiefs fans.

3. Will LJ have the success he's used to this season? What could hold him back, the O-line? wear and tear from the last two seasons?

I don't think that the 416 carries LJ had last year will affect him this year. The offensive line will be the biggest factor in LJ reproducing his stellar last few seasons. LT Damion McIntosh should come back from a knee injury within the first few weeks of the season. Until then, it could be a little rough for LJ, who himself has said it may take until Week 3 before he's at full strength. After that, watch out. LJ is ready to carry the responsibility that his new contract has put on him. The guy has a strong desire to be one of the best of all time.

The offensive line is and will continue to be the biggest question for the entire Chiefs team this year. Only time will tell if our current crop is the answer, which I highly doubt they are.