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Brown Out

Fakhir Brown isn't suffering from post-concussion syndrome is he, because he sure seems to be awfully forgetful lately.

Appealing his suspension for failing to show up for a drug test - amidst crossed paths nonetheless - it now seems he may have forgotten to file an appeal in the first place.

Per today's PD, the NFL is claiming that he either failed to file an appeal or had it heard and denied already. Brown claims to be still waiting. Isn't this why all the parties involved have lawyers?

By all accounts other than Fahkir's, he's definitely suspended for the first four games of the season, which is exactly what I'm going to assume.

If the guy has to be suspended, then the first four games are as good as any four this season. If you'll take a look at the crayon HTML version of hte schedule I've added in the right sidebar, you'll see the Rams don't really have two easier game back to back at any point this season. There's Cleveland, but then it's New Orleans the next week.

Arizona's not exactly a pushover to play without your top corner back either, because for all their crappiness, they do have Lienart passing to three pretty damn good WRs. You don't want the last four games of the season either, since you may have to use those to separate from the NFC West pack.

At least by missing the first four games, Brown doesn't leave the Rams in a real lurch against Tampa Bay. Carolina could be a pretty even match, but they're not very deep after Steve Smith. Dallas and SF could benefit, as they have decent passing games, depending on how you see Romo performing this year.

Wait...what we're we talking about? I forgot.