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Knee Jerk Reactions

So it begins.

Torry Holt has already made the injury list, listed as questionable. Holt may be listed as questionable on the team's weekly injury reports throughout the season as the wear and tear from offseason knee surgery adds up for the 31 year old. Holt's a gamer though, and we can count on him to be the Rams top threat to catch passes. This makes the Bennett signing even sweeter. With Bennett, a legit top two receiver, the Rams have enough depth to 1) keep the abuse Holt takes to a minimum and 2) if Holt does have to miss some time gulp the Rams still have two high end talents at WR to keep the offense moving.

Sounds like Lenny Walls has the inside edge on the nickel back job over Jonathan Wade. Wade has show the potential through the preseason, but I think with the secondary looking like a potential weak spot in the defense, the coaches opted for experience in reading routes and playing match ups. Walls is also 6'4" compared to Wade's 5'10" which probably gives him some edge since he could be battling it out for jump balls in the middle of the field. Wade will see plenty of playing time though, and as he gets a little better at the finer points of the defensive backfield everything could switch before the season ends.

Carriker makes at least one list of candidates for NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. Changing positions and being leaned on as a key starter in your rookie season, ought to be enough on its own merit. Tackles are usually forgotten in favor of sexier defensive ends or backs, who make regular appearances on highlight reels with their tackling. For some odd reason, tying up two blockers or collapsing a pocket just doesn't get the love it deserves. I think we're all pretty excited about watching and rooting for Carriker this season, and rookie moments aside, he should have a fine season and give us a taste of things to come as the Rams evolve into a team where defense isn't just an afterthought.

Settle down Rams fans. Don't read too much into the reports of 35 year old Ernie Conwell visiting Rams park for a physical. You kind of wonder if it was more of a favor than anything else. The Rams are set at TE. Remember, McMichael's a solid blocker too, which will address the lack of blocking and pass protection we had from the TE position last year.