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Almost Friends

When the defense is on the field in the first quarter this Friday (late) night, take a minute from watching how well the Rams tackle, the backfield coverage, and the d-line and look up at the Oakland passer who will be none other than Dante Culpepper. Linehan and Culpepper have some history from the Minnesota days, and there were those nasty rumors floating around this summer that the Rams might be interested in the fur coat clad QB of Viking lake cruise fame. If he's as healthy as they say he is, the scrambling QB could at least make things interesting for the Rams front seven. He had 13 yard rush for first down against SF last week, and put on a show for their defense by passing for 75 yards and two TDs, completing six of eight passes, after coming in during the second quarter. Neither defense was what you might call lights out, and Oakland's sheer offensive incompetence, Andrew Walter started the game, kept Oakland off the board through the first quarter. For all the sky is falling talk about the Rams after last week, SF has yet to impress me.

Oakland beat Arizona in their first preseason game, and after taking on the Rams this week, they'll face the Seahawks. They'll be a good measuring stick for the NFC West.

Mark Setterstrom will get some time at center Friday to try him out in for an "emergency plan."

Clifton Ryan's spot in the defensive depth sounds like it's pretty secure. He's played well in camp and preseason games, and he'll continue to get the reps tomorrow night and against KC next week.