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No LT, No Problem

If ever there were a real trial by fire awaiting the Rams new d-line it's the Chargers and LaDainian Tomlinson. In the week 8 match up last season, LT broke out of a five game funk of games with less 100 yards rushing for his best game of the season, rushing for 183 yards and 2 TDs on 25 carries and three receptions for 57 yards and 1 TD.

Carriker et al will have to wait awhile for the chance to see LT again and clear the good name of the Golden Horned Horde.

Reports indicate that LT will be held out of this weekend's preseason game against the Rams and all the other SD preseason games for that matter. Still, Michael Turner's no slouch, and the for the first quarter at any rate we'll have a much better idea about the Rams' front seven.

The SeaHags beat up on the Chargers in last week's first round of advance preseason drills, taking advantage of the tryouters playing in the second half. Eight penalties for 45 yards and 5 sacks were a black cloud for the AFC West favorite Chargers in that game as well.

Fortunately for Linehan, he doesn't have the big red looming question mark over his head a la Chargers' new head coach Norv Turner. The former head honcho for the Redskins and Raiders brings a career 58-82-1 NFL head coaching record into his first season with the preloaded Chargers, and the all the expectations for that team sit heavily on his shoulders. Personally, I think the Chargers might come to regret their decision to let Marty go this winter.

From the six degrees of separation department, Turner's move could have a real impact on the Niners offense as Alex Smith loses a mentor. If the SF offense struggles at all, it could end up costing them the title in a division that so far figures to feature a skin of the teeth battle for the crown.

By the way...

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