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Refried Rice?

The going gets a little rougher next week with the Chargers in town for the second preseason game. I don't know what SD starters will play, but watching the new look D-line handle LT for a couple reps should be pretty interesting, by far their biggest test of the preseason.

In the meantime, I dare not say the "I" word since the Rams have been really lucky so far this summer on the medical front. Of course, if you're a firm believer in karma, then the Rams should have a decent reserve of the good kind built up from the injuries last season.

Something on the rumor mill gave me pause this morning as I ran across this item reporting that the Rams may bring in former Pro Bowl defensive end Simeon Rice for a visit.

I suppose giving him a shot to round out depth on the ends in camp couldn't hurt...for the right price. However, I suspect their may be more of a motivational motivation in bringing in the 34 year old DE. The Rams have a lot of youth on the defense right now, and after the talk of courting Grant Wistrom this spring, I can't helt but wonder if this might be more about bringing in someone to mentor the fresh young faces. Of course, Little's our own version of the grand old man on that side of the ball, but I don't know if he's the mentoring type.

Watch the talking points that pop up in the paper. If this theory is correct, you'll know it.