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Rams Looking to Cruise Past Vikings

It's kind of a bummer that we probably won't get to see 2007 NFL draft sensation Adrian Peterson try to run against the Rams new look run defense tonight. Preseason, rookie, or whatever, the match-up had the potential to be pretty exciting.

The PD has their five things to look for in tonight's game. Obviously, the five keys aren't anything that we all haven't been talking about since December, but it's a helpful rundown of several of the key things fans and coaches will be looking at. They remind us to keep an eye on the special teams blocking, which needs to improve greatly over last season. While Hall's probably out this evening to rest his hammy, the other pieces that the Rams brought in to bolster their ST will be on display; we'll be watching you Todd Johnson.  It's something many of us may have easily overlooked in the hoopla around Carriker's "beast" status.

Here's a thought for tonight's game. With Hall out, how about Brian Leonard returning a kick or two? Ok, he may not be the speediest option, but it would be a nice showcase for his running skills. He is slated to play on special teams, with his blocking ability it makes a lot of sense.

More later.