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Where's the Slap?

I searched high and low, and short of calling the LSU campus police department, I can't find Wroten's mug shot. I thought it might be good for a laugh. Also missing, any new information regarding the incident. Wroten's charged with a misdemeanor, so whatever reprimand/punishment he does face shouldn't be too harsh. Slap on the wrist ought to do nicely.

I say that, but the league just suspended Dominic Rhodes for four games because of a DUI. He blew a .09. The DUI was dropped and he pled guilty to reckless driving. That's quite a suspension compared to what a DUI used to get a player. I'm not necessarily opposed to the penalties, but the league seems to be doling out justice arbitrarily, as I've said before. So, if you're looking at a sliding scale, with a DUI, er, reckless driving (under the influence) being four games, shouldn't Chris Henry be suspended for more than just sixteen games?

Here's more this and that, which is pretty much all there is until training camp starts. Ugh.

Former Titans GM Floyd Reese says the Rams secondary will be on the "hot seat" with the Rams likely to in some shootouts with their offensively improved division rivals. They will indeed be on the hot seat, but isn't the hottest seat still reserved for the D-line?

Remember the Rams 2002 first round pick Robert Thomas? Me neither.

Signing Keith Jackson Jr. is good news, and the three year deal would seem to indicate the Rams like what they've seen from him. I won't be terribly surprised to see him on the team this season. Will you?

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