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NFC West Injuries

The biggest news for the Rams this morning might be the injuries that have befallen their NFC West rivals in San Fran and Seattle. Frank Gore, lone NFC parallel to the greatness that is Steven Jackson, broke his hand in practice yesterday and will likely miss the entire preseason. Gore's been know as injury prone and this won't help remove that label. Anytime you lose the central cog in you offense it's a tough break, but Niners fans are bolstered by the fact that he'll return for the regular season. However, being forced to sit out of camp and the preseason under a new coach and a rookie offensive coordinator (Jim Hostler was their QB coach for the last two seasons) can have repercussions in terms of learning new plays and adjusting to the new play-calling. How the 49ers deal with this injury will make or break their season...unless something else comes along for the make or break event.

Seattle lost safety Jordan Babineaux to a bone bruise in practice. He's not expected to miss much time, 3-4 weeks, and should be ready to go for the regular season. They also lost offensive lineman Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack to a hamstring injury; although, Womack was already limited in practice and the team likely wasn't counting on him for much more than depth this season. Still, depth is depth.

The biggest loss is a loss to all of football. Bill Walsh was a great coach and he will be missed. Niners Nation has a tribute thread going.

Back later today with analysis from Rams camp and some talk about the latest in the Fahkir Brown testing incident.