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Camp Value

Is anyone out there planning on attending day or even a few hours of Rams training camp? If so, post a report in dairies section, I think everyone here at TST who isn't/hasn't/can't make it to watch a practice or two is dying for a sneak peak - and not a sanitized press release version - of the new and improved Rams. We'll make sure any diaries covering training camp get to the front page, so everyone who surfs by gets a chance to read them, regular community members or not. It's no secret that the rise of YouTube and the other Web 2.0 stuff underscores the power of the web for budding fan communities like this, and reports from camp, games, etc. really make this a strong, well-informed online community.

That said, let's run down what we're hearing out of camp from the other sources.

We mused in the days after the draft about Brian Leonard being part of the special team units this season. His versatility as a player in college along with his ability to run and block make him a natural fit. Through the first weekend of training camp, he's been taking reps with the special teams units as well as a running back and a fullback. This will get Leonard extra playing time during the season, and could bolster the special teams by adding a guy who specializes in blocking at full speed. It's also interesting to note his reps at running back. Obviously, he's first in line if (gulp) Jackson does get injured, and the depth he provides at that position (he was TD machine in college before stepping into the FB role his senior season) makes more sense of the Rams' oft-criticized second round pick.

With the pending Brown-out for the first four games of the season, it's encouraging to hear that other CBs are having a good camp. Reports that Walls is showing "good range and...improving his coverage skills" are good to hear since he's no longer just a luxury depth guy for the Rams secondary. From the same report at the PD's Bill Coats' blog, Darius Vinnett, an undrafted rookie from Arkansas, has also been having a great camp is music to the ears. However, I'm dubious about his 5' 8" 170 lbs frame for longer term success in the weekly grind of the league. Hearing Vinnett as the subject of a nice little success story is great, but I'd much rather be hearing Wade's name as having a standout camp. There was this one tidbit about Wade buried in a more general camp update. Quote Linehan, "he's not disappointing."

Finally, here's a vote for the Rams as an NFC Wild Card team. I'll but it.