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Rams sign Bulger and Carriker

It's done. The Rams took care of all their outstanding signings with one fell swoop of negotiations.

Bulger is wrapped up for six years and $26 million in guaranteed money. Details are still forthcoming, but it sounds like he's going to get just over $10M per season, putting him on par with the league's top QBs. Good, no, great news!

Carriker agreed to a five year deal today, according to the PD. No word on the amount, but we can reasonable assume that it's slightly more than the 5 year, $15M deal ($8M+ guaranteed)that Steelers LB and 15th overall pick Lawrence Timmons received last week.

Must have been a busy morning at Rams Park today.

Update [2007-7-27 14:19:54 by VanRam]:Details are out now in the Bulger deal, 6 years (which we knew) and $65 million and $27M in guaranteed money. Well worth the cost. Still no details on the Carriker deal.

Most immediately, these signings are big for a couple reasons that should be fairly obvious to us. First, having both players in camp and practicing for as many days and minutes as possible is important as the Rams prepare to start the season with some key new additions on offense that will add to their overall attack. Training camp is particularly important for Carriker as the Rams have already given the rookie a significant role in the defense. Second, the Rams have now locked up the central figure in the team's offense for the next six years and through the prime of his career.

Update [2007-7-27 17:50:10 by VanRam]: ESPN is reporting that Carriker's deal is worth $14.5M over five years with $9.5M in guaranteed money. Wow. If that's right, it's a samller deal than the one 15th pick Lawrence Timmons got from the Steelers for $15M. Carriker's contract, however, includes $1.5M more in guaranteed money.