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Well, Rams fans, we've been called upon to defend ourselves. The fellas over at Pacman Jonesin' (which is a great, great name for a blog if I do say so myself) have ranked the top ten worst fan bases.

Rankings and lists get tossed around an awful lot this time of year, and we've said here more than once to take them all with a grain of salt, i.e. anointing Phillip Rivers a better QB than Bulger. However, being called one of the worst fan bases in the league merits some blowback!

Actually, Adam, the blogger over there, emailed me about this, noting that it was all in good fun. Nevertheless, we need to explain our experience as Rams fans.

He does have a point though. Games at the Dome haven't been exactly rowdy lately, and the Cardinals have always dominated headlines and loyalties in The Lou. The Cardinals have been around for well over a hundred years though, compared to just over a decade for the Rams. Oh, and there's also the fact that the Rams, just two years ago, were a franchise in complete disarray, as the front office cat fights boiled over onto the field and into the daily life of players, coaches, media and fans.  That was a 6 win season, which certainly helps to drive fans away and promptly squelches the enthusiasm of even the most die hard fans (ask a Cardinals fan this summer). Last season had it moments too, the five game skid and run defense that made Noah Herron a star for a day.

Last season, though, fans started to see a turnaround, and it's just matter of time before the excitement Rams partisans have felt for a season now, will infect a wider audience. By the end of this season, the fans packed into the Dome might easily put their cross-state rival fans to shame.