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The Rams have added another center to the roster, Donovan Raiola. The undrafted UW center got some time in the Rams' camp last summer, before being cut on 9/3/07, and he spent the spring in the now defunct NFL Europa.

Given the late cut date, the Rams saw something they liked with Raiola last summer, but just not enough to make him one of two centers on the final roster or a third on the practice squad. The Rams have some serious depth at center already, with McCollum and Romberg and 2007 draft pick Dustin Fry. McCollum has reportedly been healthy this spring and was deeded the first team center job during minicamp in June; however, at 37 and coming off a injury year, doctors are standing by. So what does the Raiola signing mean? Probably nothing other than brining a kid they liked back for another shot after playing a year in Europe. It's also an insurance measure, in case McCollum or Romberg goes down and Fry doesn't work out, that enables the team to leave Incognito at guard. I'm also wondering about depth at the guard position. On the Rams' current depth chart, they're are pretty thin at G, listing Setterstrom as both the starting LG and #2 RG, with Terrell the third guard. We also know that the Rams like the way Fry plays, and I'll be curious to see whether or not he gets some time as a guard during camp, or one of the other centers gets moved to guard. Romberg played the position for a few games last season, if you recall.