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Rams Playing It Smart

PD columnist Bernie Miklasz is back from vacation, and none too soon. Personally, the way he combines his front office access with his constant interaction in the fan forums is a fine example of the direction modern journalism will have to go in order to remain relevant in the world of Web 2.0. I'm not a regular in the fan forums, but I always like to peruse because when Bernie's posting there, there's usually some good information.

Today comes this little tidbit for Rams fans wondering about the team's interest in Jenkins and the Bulger situation.

1. Some interest in Jenkins, but lots of concern about weight, attitude, new-contract demands. If Carolina decides to move him, the Rams are interested, but they won't give up much for him, and if the Panthers want a No. 1 or a No. 2, then there's nothing to discuss.

2. Plowing forward with the Bulger contract.... not an easy deal, but nothing has broken down.

One thing I haven't been able to determine is if there's any interest in Culpepper now that he's free...

It's refreshing to hear that the Rams are playing it smart with Jenkins and not rushing in even before they've had a chance to see the new blood on the O-line practice live in training camp this summer. He's definitely not worth a first or second round pick.

That talks between Bulger and the Rams haven't stalled or broken down completely is the best possible news regarding that situation other than the news, which is coming eventually we hope, that  a deal has been completed.

I wonder what Culpepper's asking price is at the moment, or whether teams will wait until camps start to more effectively gauge their QB situations?