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Bulger Ranks

If violating the substance abuse policy gets you a four games suspension, how many games are you going to sit out for a dog fighting charge? Talk about establishing a new precedent. Mark my words, this is the end of Michael Vick's career. Oh sure, he'll bounce around the league some based on his name and running ability, but he'll never be a marquee guy for any team again (was he ever that good in the first place?). Head over to the Falcoholic for your daily Vick fix.

We're doing a pretty good job of stretching out offseason conversations about the Rams in what seems to be the longest offseason ever (thanks Cardinals). Here's a little more fodder for your sleepy Thursday afternoon.

The ESPN rankings are out, and unless you've got an insider subscription, they're kind of off limits since ESPN has yet to figure out that the future of Web 2.0 doesn't lie behind a subscription wall. (Insider has a free preview right now though).

Let's start with QB rankings. They've got Bulger 7th, and while agree with most of hte guys ahead fo him, I just don't understand how Phillip Rivers, who let LT do the bulk of his work, gets the #6 spot. I'd also argue that Bulger's better than McNabb, who they've got ranked 5th. Don't get me wrong, McNabb's a great QB, but with his constant injuries i don't see him better than the picture of health that is Marc Bulger.

Here's what they say about Bulger:

Marc Bulger adjusted well to new coach Scott Linehan's low-risk, conservative offense in 2006 and probably played the best football of his career, earning his second trip to the Pro Bowl in the process. His physical skills are solid, but where he has shown marked improvement is his ability to read defenses, change plays at the line of scrimmage, and make accurate and safe throws. Right now, he is at the top of his game, and in this offense, he will only get better.

We'll get into the other rankings later, for now, let's make fun of them for putting Rivers and McNabb ahead of Bulger on their QB rankings.