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Walker This Way?

We've mentioned Darwin Walker here at TST before, during the offseason when the Rams were scouring the league for DT help. He's likely going to be available as a free agent soon with contract talks with the Bills having all but officially ended. (Upon being traded from the Eagles to the Bills was that the deal would be voided if he doesn't report to the Bills by the start of the season. Thus, he becomes an Eagle again, where he'll be released.)

He wants a long term deal, and he's 30. More than that, he's really a pass rushing specialist, who has, by fan accounts, struggled against the run at times. Not exactly what the Rams were looking for this spring, but now a rushing specialist on the line might not be a bad addition to play behind Wroten. It stands to reason that Carriker can play the pass rush as well, given his experience as a DE with the Huskers. However, the Rams are really leaning on him to be the run stuffing, double team drawing NT. With Kennedy now in a Broncos uniform, the Rams lack some depth at tackle on the D-line. 2007 draftees, Clifton Ryan and Keith Jackson Jr., project more as run stopping specialists themselves (of course, I could be way off on that), leaving Wroten as the primary pocket pressure DT.

Given the circumstances around Walker's contract talks in Buffalo, I don't think he'd be able to work something out with the Rams...and I doubt the Rams are giving him much thought anyway given their focus on signing Bulger, Carriker and Leonard. Still, it makes you wonder if our DT has shifted just a bit, from adding another run stopper to adding another rushing specialist. Haslett's pretty clear that the rush is going to feature prominently in the Rams defense this season. Hmm...