TST Fantasy Football League Update Numero 2

Okay, I think we have enough people to at least get ideas flowing for the league. I need the following things from the following people already signed up:
sc rams fan
option 27
Big Red

  1. an email address
  2. a good mid to late august draft time (day and time)
League Options:
  1. Head to Head or Points only
  2. Playoff times and how many teams
  3. trade and waiver turn around times
  4. positions (how many of each)
  5. and if we wanted to totally customate it: what stats, and how many points for them
  6. fractional and/or negative points
totally default head-to-head league

Most importantly, WE ARE STILL TAKING PEOPLE!!!! YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF THIS DIARY!!! max 20 teams, so we don't have to worry about going over.