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Afternoon Mish Mash

More follow up on the Tank Johnson discussion. Because he was released by the Bears, his 8 game suspension can't begin until he signs with another team. Potentially interested teams, according to ProFootballTalk, include the Broncos who have been historically willing to sign any DT (Kennedy and Johnson, together again), the Bucs who are desperate, and the Raiders (nuff said).

Per Sports Illustrated's fantasy rankings, Steven Jackson is the #3 running back, behind LT and LJ. If he achieves his goal and breaks the yards from scrimmage record, it'll be LT and LJ looking up at SJ in next year's rankings.

According to the same rankings, Bulger's the #5 QB, McMichael sits at #11 on the TE list. On the WR rankings, Torry Holt's fifth, Bruce is #38, and Bennett's #46.

Fantasy rankers have yet to gain much confidence in the Rams improved defense or the Dante Hall pick up, placing our DST in the 30th spot on the list. At least we're not last though, Washington and Cleveland are below us.

Kissing Suzy Kolber has a handy guide to American Football for the soccer favoring countries of the world.