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Don't Bank on Tank

The Bears put Tank Johnson on waivers today, fresh off his DUI arrest outside of Phoenix this weekend. Already suspended for the first eight games of the season, there's no indication yet as to whether this latest little guffaw will cost him even more of the season.

Right now at least 29 team messages boards are atwitter with "sign Tank" posts. There's already one guy ready to bring in Pacman.

It actually makes a little sense for the Rams, in need of a veteran DT and said to be looking for one. This ain't happening though. The Linehan Rams don't like to take chances with troubled players, especially one that's just been waived in the wake of a relapse offense - although he didn't have guns on him this time. The Leonard Little thing that we all remember and all the alcohol trouble with the Cardinals this season makes this issue just a little too immediate for the fanbase. Besides, can you imagine the public crucifixion if a Tank signing didn't pan out in the standings or if he runs afoul of the law again or both?

Teams will have their eye on Tank, but I'd be surprised if anyone made a move before he had time to go through a very public apology and a few months of avoiding parole violations. There's no need to hurry, he's going nowhere for awhile, at least anywhere outside the normal range for an ankle monitor.