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Getting Fired Up

We discussed, on Thursday, James Hall's potential "rejuvenation" season, now that he's freed from the less-than-winning traditions of the Detroit Lions. In the PD article linked to that day, there's a quote from Hall saying:

"I just got tired of every two years rotating the coaching staff, guys going in and out, not really having any continuity on the team. Every year you come back and you try to put in the work and do what you're supposed to do individually. And it gets hard when it doesn't pay off for you during the season."

In the baseball world, where statistics play such an expanded role, the notion that a player in new scenery will play better is usually scoffed at. And, there's lots of science to back that up, with the long normalizing statistical trends associated with hitting and pitching. In football, however, the 'mental' game plays a much bigger role, and when players can enter that incredibly focused state of conscious or just be plain old "fired up"  (the more widely accepted term) they can slide through opponents to make a big tackle or break away for a good run, etc. That's one thing I really like about this game.

It sounds like Wroten's approaching a productive level of being "fired up" as well. Let's hope.