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Breaking Camp

And just like that we the book closes on another Rams minicamp. [que summer camp photo montage set to "Time of Your Life"]

And there's not even much between the lines reading today.

Torry Holt's recovery continues as scheduled. I don't think we can really understate the importance of Holt being healthy. Yes, there's some depth at WR - Bennett and Bruce would top lots of teams' top two wide outs. But Holt's a gamer and it just wouldn't be as entertaining watching the Rams knowing that Holt's sitting out with a bum knee. Holt's also on board for developing a new identity for the offense, moving beyond the Greatest Show label.

there is no comparison to me. The Greatest Show won one (Super Bowl), and we played in two. This team, with so much promise offensively, hasn't done anything yet.

What else, what else...

Rookie DTs, Clifton Ryan and Keith Jackson had a nice minicamp, and hope to translate that into some quality playing time. Huh, ok. Here's this tidbit to tantalize the rumormonger in all of us:

The team is expected to seek another veteran defensive lineman through free agency or trade.

If the rookies, namely Carriker, do as well as projected and the Rams bring in a quality veteran for the D-line as well, this defense could be night and day from what we saw last season. Don't get me wrong, it's not going to turn into the Ravens or anything like that overnight, but moving up to the respectable middle of the pack (combined with our offense) could mean big things.