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Rams Minicamp: Day 1

Minicamp is closed to the public, so we won't have any first hand accounts. For training camp, I'm planning to go see some of it, and we'll be sure to get the observations of TST members in attendance up on the board here as well.

Anyway, minicamp should have many mini stories, so let's at least dig into what we know via the media today.

McCollum's back in the mix for the starting center job. Hmmm, it's good to see McCollum healthy, but I wonder whether the motivation behind his first day reps with the first team is as much about getting the experience. McCollum missed all of last season after getting injured in the opener against the Donkeys, as you may recall, but he did begin the season as the starter. After missing Linehan's first season as head coach, he lacks familiarity with the system. Linehan went back to the center that started out last season, in minicamp to get him up to speed on the play book, and the real battle for the starting job will unfold during training camp when the pads are on and he can really test McCollum's health. He might be in there for the sake of the rookies on the defensive line too, getting them some exposure to experienced NFL blockers. No mention of Dustin Fry, and you can assume that Incognito is locked in at guard.

Rookie free agent Kevin McLee, signed by the Rams less than 24 hours after this year's draft, is looking to make an impression in minicamp and beyond. The linebacker from West Virginia University has a tough row to hoe currently sitting at the bottom of the team's depth chart at his position. This puff piece from McLee's hometown newspaper doesn't mention it, but guys like this are a veritable gold mine for special teams players. If he can show enough skill to provide depth on defense, he'll stick with the team if he wows them on special teams.

Hey, look. Photos of the scantily clad 2007 Rams cheerleaders!

Here's a photo of Carriker moving in on Bulger at minicamp this week. (More at Fox Sports.) We'll be looking forward to lots more photos of Carriker working on the line, either plowing in on QBs or tying up a center and a guard as the season gets underway.