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Can Anybody Spare at Tackle?

More fallout and speculation from the Kennedy deal in PD columnist Jeff Gordon's chat today.

Asked about the post-Kennedy situation on the D-Line, Gordo replied:

I was baffled by Kennedy's exit at this point of the offseason. Why not get to training camp to see where the kids really are? And why deal him for a sixth-round pick when you weren't sure what else you could acquire between now and then? Apparently the coaches were as disappointed with him as Ram Nation in general.

The Jenkins deal has to be in play now. When the club didn't jump at Sam Adams, I figured they were happy with their unit. That obviously wasn't the case.

Again, it's nothing we didn't touch on here in Saturday's post, but it underscores the curious decision making that went into the deal. Are these rookies going to be good enough? Are the Rams seriously in the market for a DT (i.e. Jenkins) now?

You almost have to think they'll be bringing in someone else, at the very least a summer roster cut casualty with some experience to replace Kennedy's depth. Even if the DTs we have now are deemed "good enough" the potential for injury is mighty high. Kennedy, good enough or not, and his injury last season made the Rams run defense that much worse.


The Culpepper thing's a smoke screen, someone behind the scenes, not from the Rams, is throwing our name out there as a distraction/bargaining chip for his deal upon release or trade value.


I can't believe Jimmy Kennedy's getting this much ink.


Josh Bacott from STL Sports Magazine has a great tome on finally burying the dusty old "Greatest Show on Turf" chestnut. Couldn't agree more. Steven Jackson is enough to make you forget and Linehan's style is far different, different enough that reporters should stop making comparisons. Let's face it, the name stuck because it rhymed and was catchy. Heck, there's even blogs that play off that name...well, that's different...waaay different...[crickets chirp]