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Linehan Loves Leonard

Brian Leonard will play special teams, and Linehan told him he would. Leonard, a NY state native, told local media that Linehan told him:

"When I went down there, coach [Linehan] told me that I'm a 48 man roster dream. I can play special teams. I can play running back and I can play fullback. So it's two less guys they've got to dress."

The Rams rookie minicamp starts this Saturday, May 12, with the larger team camp taking place June 12-14.

Speaking of Leonard, a pick the Rams are being hammered for in among the GM-for-day pundit class, at least one person likes the pick. From the Worcester Telegram & Gazette:

Two players teams are going to regret passing on: Penn State linebacker Paul Posluszny, whom the Bills took at No. 34, and running back Brian Leonard, who went to the Rams 16 picks later.