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Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

Unless you like the gossip, there's just not much meaty football to talk about right now. [Confession: I have been following, albeit casually, the Michael Vick dog fighting story. Hey, it's amusing if nothing else.] I've never been so anxious for mini camp. Here's a little afternoon/evening reading and much, much more for you to enjoy.

One time trade target, Kris Jenkins, has been sitting out of the Panthers' voluntary workouts, and the team doesn't sound like they want to talk much about trading him. Per a report in the Charlotte Observer, the Rams had offered a second round pick and one of their second day picks for the DT prior to the draft. No telling how this would have effected their first round selection, and the safe bet probably says that they would have taken a WR (LSU"s Bowe) or quite possibly a DE, most likely Jarvis Moss, assuming they didn't trade up. On paper, scoring Jenkins at NT and Moss to compliment Leonard Little would have given the Rams quite an upgrade on D; however, with Jenkins weight still an issue, it's probably good that Carolina held out for a first rounder.

In an interview with Fooch over at Niners Nation, Doug Farrar from Football Outsiders, gives the Rams a bleak outlook in his quick assessment of the NFC West. Most surprising is his take on the secondary, calling it a "horror movie." Now hold on here, I realize with the run defense so porous, the secondary didn't get much opportunity to prove itself, but it certainly seems to me that the talent is there for a decent showing. Weigh in Rams fans, is our secondary really a "horror movie?"

SBN's small market teams roundtable continues at Pride of Detroit. This time it's focused on stadiums.

Randy Hill at Fox Sports thinks Adam Carriker should have an immediate impact on the Rams run defense...positive impact we should add.

Talk about never too early: Who will the Rams take in the 2008 draft?