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Body Mass at DT

The Post Dispatch is reporting that DT Sam Adams, recently given the heave-ho by the Bengals, visited Rams park yesterday and underwent a physical.

With 13 years of playing time under his belt, Adams may be a little long in the tooth for the Rams' needs. And coming off knee surgery, it's likely he'd be nothing more than a serious part timer. I hav no idea what his price tag is, but I wonder whether or not the Rams really need him. Yeah, that seems pretty strange to say given our defensive front's much discussed woes last year, but after drafting three D-linemen this year, there are now 8 guys competing for four spots at DT. Kind of ironic, huh?

Anyway, based on what we're hearing from the Rams leadership and in the press, it sounds like the starting NT job is Carriker's to lose with Jimmy Kennedy being his most likely backup. At UT, Wroten's been working hard through the offseason and lots of pundits really seem to think he's poised for a breakthrough season this year. And of course Glover's an odds on favorite to make the rotation. And let's not forget about some serious potential packed into Keith Jackson Jr and Clifton Ryan.

Now, I'm sure if the physical comes back fine and they Rams see some potential and the price tag is right, they could add Adams for a little more competition in camp.

Anyway, reading through all the Rams related stuff that's come out this offseason and before that even, there's one thing that really stands out in my mind: the word versatility gets used A LOT. In many ways we're still getting to know Linehan, but if there's one theme, on word that you can through out there to describe him thus far, it's "versatility." And that's not such a bad thing, now is it?