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Bulger Update

In his live chat yesterday, the Post-Dispatch's Jeff Gordon shed some light on the Marc Bulger contract situation. When someone asked the question we've been asking, Gordo remarked that he "assumes" the Rams will reup with Bulger before he tastes the rich waters of free agency. (the chat transcript disappeared last time, so I'm posting the full quote.)

Linehan's M.O. has been to re-up key players before they become free agents. I assume that will happen here, as long as Bulger comes out with his new weapons and makes this offense click. Marc is a smart QB and a tough guy. He could have a lot of years left in this offense, which offers more protection than the Air Martz scheme.

Really, given how Bulger performed in Linehan's offense through the second half of last season and the new weapons that have been added, it's crazy to assume that Bulger would be allowed to bolt without a reasonable effort to resign him. Now, should for some strange reason he not mix well with Linehan's offense this season, all that changes and the Rams start looking for another QB, maybe - notice to all former Dolphins QBs to stay in shape. We've already got Frerotte, maybe Jay Feely or Brian Griese...