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Let the Gaming Begin

Pro sports and gambling go hand-in-hand, but soon Rams fans won't have to commute as far to place their bets. Pinnacle Entertainment will build a casino right across the street (I-70) from the Ed Jones Dome, and the Rams don't mind sharing the block. Pinnacle owns the President Riverboat Casino which is just up the street, but now you can plunk down $20 on the Rammies to beat the spread against the Seahawks - or vice versa or both if you're prone to cynicism or hedging - without having to drive down the road after slamming twelve Natty Lights at your friend's tailgate.

The Steelers are considering a lawsuit over a similar circumstance, based on the migraine inducing traffic a casino next door will cause.

Puff piece on Jeff Wilkins' trip to Branson, MO over the weekend right here. Surprisingly enough, a trip to Branson doesn't have the Rams' leading scorer thinking retirement.

Hamburg didn't want him, so he's going to give Dusseldorf a try. John David Washinton signed today with NFL Europe's Dusseldorf team, hoping to get some playing time there. Football may not be in Washington's future after all, but we know somebody who could help him land a part in a big budget action flick. How do you know this news item appeared in a European news service" Because it says this: "NFL giants St Louis Rams."  Ah, Dusseldorf in the summer.

Indy, Dallas or Arizona for the 2011 Super Bowl? Blechhhh, what a choice. There's nothing like the Rust Belt in February, choking on Phoenix's smog or getting lost in the Dallas sprawl. What's the best option here? I's go with AZ since it's at least warm at that time of year.