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Could This Year Be Bulger's Last in STL?

It's likely too soon to read much into the situation, but it is notable that Rams QB Marc Bulger has entered the final year of his contract with the Rams. Bulger and the team have yet to work out a deal, considered unusual by some.

So with Organized Team Activities getting underway this week, questions are surfacing as to whether or not Bulger and the Rams are in each other's future.

Honestly, I tend to think that contract talks with Bulger had to wait for what was an important free agent and draft for the Rams this offseason. With those out of the way, I'd look for the two parties to start talking soon.

Now, will they be able to work out a deal, that's the $64K question - more like $4+ million question, but you get the idea. Bulger's an elite QB - not in the Manning class but more than enough to build an offense around - and at just 30 years old he's got plenty of career left. Linehan, entering his second year as head coach, has implemented a different kind of offense, a more conservative one that utilizes a nice blend of up the middle runs and mid range passing, hence his desire for size at the TE and WR positions as well as the decision to draft Leonard. Bulger, who really started to pick up the new offense mid way through last season, fit prety well, so I can't imagine a justification for letting him go due to him not being a good fit.

The lack of a suitable replacement for Bulger presents another strong argument as to why it's easy to see the Rams trying to get him signed. Jettisoning a top notch starting QB after this season would be an absolute disaster for team with as many players as the Rams have in the prime (or twilight) of their careers.

This one seems like all smoke and no fire.