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A Cold (and fat) Sam Adams

Mmmm...Sam Adams. Unlike the beer that was once synonymous with micro brewers in the United States, the former Bengals DT just doesn't have the hoppy flavor to be of much use anymore. After being released earlier this week, the inevitable rumors about the Rams grabbing him surfaced. To be quite honest with you, I'm glad the Rams didn't bother. Adams showed up to the Bengals' offseason conditioning program weighing 347, which according to this report in the Columbus (OH) Dispatch sounds down right whispy compared to the 375 lbs he weighed last season when reported to the team. Adams' age, however, was my biggest concern about adding Adams who will turn 34 before the season begins. Adams was signed by the Begals to be the answer to their run defense problems. Battling injuries all season, Adams' presence frustrated the Bengals and they got younger on their D-line. He may have been, for the right (read "low") price, a decent cog for the Rams as a part-timer. It sounds like Denver may be interested now.

The Rams seem set on riding out the Jimmy Kennedy storm, hoping that some coaching consistency, an injury-free season, and the penultimate motivator of pending free agency will motivate JK to be, at the very least, an acceptable solution at NT. Kennedy, known to struggle with motivation prior to being drafted, deserves some credit for playing through injury last season, and putting up with coaching shifts (i.e. the Marmie-era) in the seasons before that. I really think, barring another injury, that he'll turn out to be serviceable this season, with a year of experience with Haslett under his belt. There's a decent convo about JK going on here.


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