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Could Fry Start at Center?

Rams second round pick Brian Leonard will take part in one of the many offseason events hosted by the NFL's big ticket sponsors this week in Los Angeles . The event is the Reebok NFL Players Rookie Premier presented by EA Sports. I'm not sure if they could manage to get another sponsor's name involved in the event, but I'm just relieved that it's mostly a photo op as opposed to something where Leonard could get hurt before the season begins.

ESPN's John Clayton seemed to be impressed with Adam Carriker at last weekend's minicamp, calling him a potential "savior" for the Rams at DT. One major difference between this year's first round pick and the 2003 first rounder is "coachability." Last season, per Clayton and the painful experience of fans watching him, coaches couldn't get Kennedy to perform the desired techniques for Haslett's run stopping game, such as getting him to tie up blockers with a "two-gap approach," which would have allowed the linebackers to play the run a bit more, and he wasn't able to do it. Per Clayton, Carriker should have no problem with the technique.

The link to Jeff Gordon's chat transcript from Monday at the Post-Dispatch is gone now (if you can find it please post in the comments), but one Rams-related question that stood out was the question about who will play center. Gordo speculated that it draft pick Dustin Fry could get the starting Center duties based qualities liked by Linehan and the coaches such as his size and proven ability to be a really effective run blocker. In an interview with Fry at from May 11, the author notes that 60% of Clemson's rushing yards came up the middle. Last season, 57% of the Rams rushing yards come through the middle.