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Say It Ain't So Ricky?

Out of all the ill-conceived logic for adding a 17th game to the season being tossed around, I've yet to see anything that convinces me that the league should do it. An extra game on the schedule mostly means more injuries to big investments. Sure, it would net the NFL another $100 million or so, but weigh that against watching Gus Frerotte lead the Rams on their playoff march.

Is the "burning question" surrounding the Rams really just their return game? Bucky Brooks at Sports Illustrated thinks it is, and he sees Dante Hall solidifying his Hall of Fame status as a returner in St. Louis without the added duties of being a full time receiver. No mention of the turf, but 8 games inside on the soft, cushy artificial surface should help too. I'd be more than relieved if the return game was our only question. I guess he gets some credit for not taking the easy way out with another tired "did they do enough on defense" question.

Good thing the Rams didn't see Ricky Williams in the 2007 plans, looks like he might not be available. Here's what I don't understand, is he so committed to pot that he can't quit smoking or eating or vaporizing it for a month before his drug test? Does he not have access the various teas and pills that clean it out of your system that have helped hundreds of thousands of high school drop outs get summer jobs with the city?