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New Faces Everywhere!

The Rams, as most do this time of year, signed 16 rookie free agents in the wake of the draft. The names haven't been officially released yet, but the PD has a list of 12 confirmed names. They include:

-- Wide receiver Lamart Barrett (6 feet, 191 pounds), North Carolina State

-- Tight end Steve Buches (6-4, 251), Pittsburgh

-- Free safety Jeffrey Dukes, (6-2, 199), Alabama

-- Safety Andre Kirkland (6-1, 205), Kent State

-- Fullback Brad Lau (6-0, 237), Boise State

-- Kicker Kevin Lovell (5-10, 165), Cincinnati

-- Linebacker Kevin "Boo" McLee (6-1, 244), West Virginia

-- Wide receiver Nate Morton (6-2, 210), Wake Forest

-- Quarterback Drew Tate (5-11, 200), Iowa

-- Guard David Thompson (6-3, 310), Massachusetts

-- Cornerback Darius Vinnett (5-8, 170), Arkansas

-- Defensive end Ryan Willis (6-3, 270), Louisiana State

Iowa QB, Drew Tate spent the better part of last season, his senior year, laid up with injuries, otherwise he might have been picked in the draft with a pretty good resume outside of this last season. It's probably nothing more than someone to give Fitz a run for his money as QB #3, but we'll watch the situation develop.

Now, on to more important acquisition news. The Rams have announced the semi-finalists for the 2007 cheerleading squad. Here's the list. Personally, I'd prefer a photo/video display so that we could all catch a glimpse of what this year's squad will look like.