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Jenkins Thinkings

More info on the Kris Jenkins saga.

Besides the Rams, interested teams include the Giants and the Broncos.

You'll note in the story linked to above, the link citing the Giants interest in Jenkins, there's talk of him being in decline. Much of that stems from missing 27 games between the 2004 and 2005 seasons with shoulder and knee injuries. Those injuries, however, may be tied to, ahem, issues with his weight. While injured, Jenkins did not maintain a diet appropriate for a professional athlete, even a defensive tackle, and his weight approached 400 pounds. Now listed at 340 lbs, Jenkins has upped his expendability by invoking the ire of Panthers management and coaches by skipping the offseason conditioning program. That's not good, because as often happens with men (or women) of that size, weight directly impacts injury issues, and Jenkins has his share of those. Howver, I'm sure his sitting out has is motivated in part by his desire for a change of scenery and some other behind the scenes, falling-out-of-favor issues.

As such, reports indicate that the Panther are looking for a late, first day draft pick, third rounder at best, for Jenkins. (There was some confusion, when our last post noted that he may well cost a first round pick.)

At least one report sees the Rams as a likely landing spot for Jenkins, thanks in part to the presence of Tony Softli, the Rams VP of player personnel, who had a hand in drafting Jenkins back in 2001. I'd still like to see the Rams make a move to get Jenkins, and hopefully the change of scenery and a familiar face will encourage him to stay on the path of healthy living.