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Schedule Guessing

The NFL is delaying the release of the regular season schedule until "later this month." It was set to be released on April 5.

We do know that the Rams and the division will be playing the AFC East. In the NFC, the Rams outside the division games include tilts against the Cowboys (in Texas), at home against the Packers and the Panthers, and a road trip to New Orleans.

According to last year's stats, the Niners are the top rushing team we face, with the Steelers not far behind. It doesn't matter though, because until the run defense gets tuned up and some new blood, every team's a rushing powerhouse against the Rams. One measley DT in draft could really help that; two DTs would be even better.

Speaking of the draft again, the SBNation Mock Draft continues. The Rams, represented by the TST community, should be picking today. Alan Branch and Okoye are still on the board, and it's the 10th pick. Take a look at the draft thus far, and leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. And if you think there's another player the Rams should take in this mock draft, point that out.