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Round 2 - Rams Take Brian Leonard, RB, Rutgers

Well, they've been talking up a running back pretty heavily lately, and when there's buzz around Ricky Williams you know they're probably pretty serious.

Brian Leonard is a good fit because he has the running and pass catching ability to give the Rams a pretty good option to ease Jackson's workload. And the dual running backs, not just the old starter and a back up system is definitely an emerging trend the NFL.

There's also the fact that the guy spent a good bit of his last year in college as the primary blocker for Ray Rice and the kid can block against the blitz, from what it sounds like. When you think about the offense, which has become impressively well-rounded, under Linehan, the Leonard pick makes perfect sense, as he fills several key roles.

Maybe it's the weed at the end of a long day of hauling beds and dressers and chairs, but I'm really liking what I see as Linehan's offense this year - with apologies to Denzel's kid.

10-6? Please.