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Rams Select Carriker

I like it. Carriker seems like the kind of player this defense needs, besides just being good, I think he could become a real leader with his passion and energy on that side of the ball and not to mention that he looks like he can play.

I haven't given much thought to the other picks in the draft, yet. Not surprised that Okoye went 10th. But I am surprised that Branch isn't off the board yet AND that Justin Harrell went before him. I guess Harrell's arm is ok, and questions about Branch playing in cruise control hurt his status, especially with the Rams.

It sounds like we may also have a DT in Carriker. Here's Linehan's comments (via the PD):

"We asked (Nebraska coaches) if he could play inside at the nose, as if it were a stretch, and they said it may be the best position for him some day. You need to think out of the box a little bit. One of the best nose guards I've ever been around is Keith Traylor, who is a little bit older now, but he was a college linebacker who grew into the position -- and the best thing he did was play the run."

Ok, I'm going to take a brake, and come back for more draft day fun. I'm pretty pleased with this pick, you?


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