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Getting Drafty

Well, this it, the calm before the storm. Brace yourself, because it's all going to happen fast and furious tomorrow. TST will have draft converage, but be sure to post comments and diaries as you get info to share too. I'm in the process of moving, so I may be in and out tomorrow.

Let's take one quick pass 'round the rumor mill as far as the Rams are concerned.

  • Jenkins: Saw this on the PD message boards, citing a report that the Rams will trade their 3rd round pick and a conditional 3rd round pick next year for Jenkins. I still think we move a TE while we've got stock in two young ones like Klop and Byrd who still have value, DUI or not. Or maybe use one to replace their 3rd rounder if they give it up for Jenkins. Anyway, the trade rumors are still out there, so stay tuned.

  • Branch has really dropped on the draft boards lately, and it seems to be a consensus that Okoye will go higher, top ten even. I'd really like to see one of the two fall to the Rams still, unless the Jenkins trade happens.

  • Is there a method to the maddness? Dissapointed fans and pundits filled the internets with discontent about the Rams not making a move for a DT this offseason, and even though many expect the Rams to take a DL in the first round rumors still persist that Linehan and Co could just as easily be looking for offense. The idea being that with the Rams offensive strength, making acquisitions to get field position and run up the score and force teams to throw against a solid secondary will improve the run defense. Well, yes, I guess it would, but so would not playing too. Ok, I admit my bias to preferring defense, so this idea isn't too palatable for me. However, there's safety in the assumption that this is just typical predraft hubris.

Don't forget to post news and rumors as you hear them. It's going to be a crazy 72 hours or so.