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Bye Bye Bulger?

Ah, it must be that time of year.

Rumor madness continues with a report via that the Rams are interested in trading up in the second round in order to draft John Beck, QB, BYU.

With Bulger only under contract through 2007, it's easy to see why they might be interested in a young QB, especially one that plays similar to Bulger.

In looking round the internet, I haven't found anything else about this rumor. However, the Rams did bring Beck in for a workout earlier this spring. There's one line in the post linked above that, I would guess, is really driving this thing farther and faster than it probably should be going. To wit:

If the Rams believed Bulger to be the long-term answer, wouldn't they have extended him by now?

Well, yes and no. They could always extend the franchise tag to Bulger next year and then negotiate a deal, a la Pace in 2003, and they could even have Bulger negotiations tabled until later in the summer when the front office isn't as occupied with the draft and the free agent market, where they were pretty busy.