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Rams Trade for Dante Hall

Just heard that the Rams have made a move to get Dante Hall, Kansas City's return man and WR.

The Rams traded a fifth round pick - thank you very much Anthony Hargrove - for Hall.

Hall was kick return stud in KC and has 11 return TDs, two away from the record of 13. Through his career he has averaged 24 yards per return. With the Rams, he'll play almost exclusively as a special teams guy, and not have to use precious energy at WR.

This certainly makes the draft more interesting, and makes me think that Linehan et al will go all defense, at least through the first day. Also makes me wonder whether they've given up on the Kris Jenkins sweepstakes, taking a WR out of the draft mix to focus exclusively on defensive players. Branch's falling position on draft boards seems to be making him available for the 13th pick, which adds to this line of thought.

More to come.

Add to all of this, the weird situation that developed yesterday as the NFL network reported that the Rams and Panthers had tentatively agreed to a deal for Kris Jenkins. That report originated via KMOV channel 4, and now I'm wondering whether or not they were picking up the trade smoke signals from the Hall deal instead, i.e. someone inside the Rams organization leaked that a trade was coming, and someone, either the leaker or the reporters, just put Jenkins name to it given all the talk recently about that potential deal.

One more possibility the Hall deal raises. A trade for Jenkins could still be in the works, and the Rams might be giving up their second round pick, where they may well have tried to get a return man, for Jenkins. If so, this would leave them with just their 1st and 3rd round picks on the first day to fill their top three needs: a DT, DE and WR. If the Rams are giving Carolina a second rounder for Jenkins, then they'll probably draft a DE in the first and either a LB or another DT in the third...or something similar to that configuration.

[update] Let's not forget that returning kicks on Turf for 8 games should help Hall as well.