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SBN Mock Draft Round 3: Brian Robison, DE, Texas

I'm glad the draft is just days away now, because after going through this mock draft thing for three rounds I can see why I'm here in an office and someone else is getting paid to draft football players. Oh sure, the first round is pretty cut and dry, but after that it get much harder to weigh the best talent available against team needs, not to mention the pros and cons around each player and all the "what ifs" as well.

For the Rams' third round pick in the SBN mock draft, TST selected Brian Robison, DE, Texas. His athleticism sold me, along with the fact that his skilled enough to play on special teams right away. He blocked five kicks in college. Now, he may not stick at DE, but he would remain an asset were he to move to LB. With his speed, he could be come a pretty good pass rusher for the Rams. Truthfully, he's probably a better fit for 3-4 team, but his talent, athleticism and work ethic earn him a spot in any rotation. He's not our Leonard Little understudy, but he could be a valuable part of the machine for years to come.

The thing about the third round and a guy like Robison, is that there's actually quite a bit of talent with the same level of pros and cons all ranked right around there. Robison's upside made him more attractive than some of the others, but it sure seems like there's a good deal of solid depth (at least) among college DEs to be had in the third round and maybe even into the fourth. Four more days.